MaJIRC is a free 100% Pure Java IRC Client developped by Laurent CORNELIS.
I've made it to learn the basis of the Java programming and the use of more advanced topics like Swing
or the TCP/IP sockets. This is my first software in Java, and I've made it just for fun so don't be too
severe !! ;o)

Here is a screenshot

License :

 Magical Java IRC (MaJIRC
 Copyright (C) 1999 Laurent CORNELIS 
 This program is free software. You can freely use it and redistribute 
 it (you must redistribute the entire package !). You cannot modify this 
 software or his documentation (including this file). If you want distribute 
 it for commercials interests you must have the author's authorization. 
 This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, 
 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. The author ISN'T responsible of any 
 damages or loss of datas due to the use of this software. 
 By using this software, you accept the terms of the license. 

System requirement :

 Note : This software is 100% Pure Java 
 - At least a JDK (or JRE) 1.2. (Hotspot recommended) Avalaible at 
 - At least 32Mb of RAM. 
 - A quite powerful CPU. 
 - VGA graphic card. 
 Tested on a AMD K6-2 350Mhz with 128Mb of RAM on Windows NT4 SP4 with JRE 1.2 
 with and without Hostspot : The speed was quite high. 
 Tested on a Pentium 100Mhz with 24Mb of RAM on Windows 95 with JRE 1.2 without 
 Hotspot : This was too slow !! 

Installation :

 1) Unzip the files in the directory of your choice. 
 2) Make sure you have the JDK (or JRE) 1.2 installed and your classpath is alright. 
 3) Lauch go.bat to run the software in normal mode or debug.bat to see the errors 
 messages on the console. 

Download :

 By downloading this file, I accept the terms of the license

 Click here to download MaJIRC v0.9b (29Kb)    

Some links :

 Powerteam : Authors of some really cool softwares 100% Pure Java. 
 Javasoft : Subsidiary of Sun MicroSystems engaged with Java. 
 Jamie Jaworski : Wrote the Java 2 PLATFORM Unleashed (Book published by SAMS). 
 Ubiquity : Belgian enterprise that develop Intranet/Extranet/Internet solutions. 

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